Friday, June 02, 2017

Learn HTML, CSS and other languages

A big sorry to all brainy reading. This ought to have been the first post on blogging tricks Am really sorry.

I was once left with no clue or idea of what HTML or CSS is nor how to even run them.Later I went for a program and I was taught so on this tutorial I would be showing what helped me to get along and understand the HTML and CSS and they are the back bone of blogging. I want you to look at them in the perspective of HTML and CSS being instructions. They do whatever instruction you give to them.
Even though you might be learning them from someone but believe me or not you can't get everything or remember everything you're being right in the class it wherever you're being tutored.
So on this tutorial I would be sharing 2 files that work hand in hand to make you get what HTML and CSS all about


  • Get a PC to test the codes
  • Check Google if you're not getting a line I recommend w3 tutorial point
  • Have the mind set of trying again when you make mistakes

Kick star :

  • Firstly download solo learner Here
  • Install adobe reader Here
  • Install and open the solo learner
  • Download HTML PDF Here
  • Download CSS PDF Here
Note: Do not skip any chapter here they are all compulsory if you really want to get codes and use em

After getting and understanding the pdf install the app

  • Register by putting your details

  • Choose your preferred course you will like to take

  • Start your course. This app helps you to understand the codes more and analyse you

  • You can save for offline reading and take tests also
  • Unlock stages by taking test and giving correct answers

Why the PDF first?:

The PDF gives basic understanding of the codes better than the app do using the app wouldn't be difficult when you see questions